Your employees are your next big social media opportunity

According to LinkedIn:

  • 2% of employees re-share content that their companies have shared on LinkedIn.
  • This 2% of employees are responsible for 20% of an average company's LinkedIn engagement, such as clicks, likes, comments, and shares.
  • When someone shares 6 pieces of content on LinkedIn, they average 6 new profile views and make 2 new connections, and their employer averages 6 job views, 3 company page views, and 1 new company page follower.

That's a lot of engagement. And it's all the reason why LinkedIn is about to launch Elevate, an app that will help companies to enable their employees to share desired content, such as blog posts, guides, upcoming events and quotes. 

Tech Crunch says that Elevate is

A paid mobile and desktop app that suggests articles to its users — based on algorithms from its news recommendation services Pulse and Newsle, as well as “human curation” — and then lets users schedule and share those links across LinkedIn and Twitter, with the aim to add more networks like Facebook over time.