I need to spend more time on FriendFeed!

So, recently I've been posting in my blog about social media and then tweeting even more about it. As a result, my Twitter followers have climbed to surpass 600 (I was at something like 350 a few weeks ago), and I just took a look at my Feedburner stats over the past week. I have a "respectable" number of subscribers to this blog, and so I found the data to be pretty telling.

First off, the green line to the right is my number of subscribers. So you can truly see that this has jumped only in the recent past.

The blue line is "reach", which I have yet to look into with Feedburner, but I'll post more on that later.

Next up is Feedburner's analysis of the types of feed readers that my subscribers are using.

Wow! Shock to me. I had no idea that FriendFeed had an integration with Google's Blogger platform. Here's what happened:

My FriendFeed login is my Google account, and my Blogger blog is tied to that. So really, people are subscribing to my FriendFeed, and as a result they will "see" when I post a blog post because it will show up in my FriendFeed, but they are not necessarily subscribing to the blog content - to the blog's RSS feed - itself.

Anyone else out there spend much time on FriendFeed, or, more relevantly, do you have a Blogger account tied to your FriendFeed, and what are you seeing in your FeedBurner (or similar) analytics?

And by the way, what is PubSub? The site says it is "undergoing development"...then, how are people subscribing to my feed using it?