Following St. Louis events and restauarants on Twitter

One of the things I enjoy most about Twitter is when one of my connections tells me about something going on in St. Louis, MO that I might be interested in participating in - like a festival, concert, special event, even drink specials....and often they are at restaurants or in a hot spot like the Loop, Clayton, Mapelwood, Central West End or down on Washington Avenue - some of my favorite places in St. Louis.

Over time, I've found a few businesses who are tweeting, and I follow them. I often get early notice about deals, bands, or other events as a result. If you're like me, here's a list of those companies I recommend following. I am sure there are many more, so if you have any additions, please mention @erine in a Tweet or comment to this post.

Also, if anyone has any tips for me on whether it's best to search Twitter for #STL or #StLouis or #SaintLouis or otherwise in order to find events/comments about things going on in town, please give me a shout!


The Muny in Forest Park
Fox Theater

Local Restaurants:

The Crossing in Clayton
Schlafly Brewery
Caito's Pizza in Chesterfield and Glendale
Feraro's Pizza in Soulard
Nadoz Cafe (on Lindell or at the Boulevard)
Robust Wine Bar in Webster Groves
Pi (pizza restaurant across from the Pageant) in U. City
Wave Taco on Washington
CJ Muggs in Clayton and Webster Groves
Llywelyn's in Soulard
The Wine & Cheese Place (more of a shop...four locations in STL)
Kaldi's Coffee
Araka Restaurant in Clayton, near the Ritz Carlton
Cicero's in the Loop

The newly renovated Hyatt in downtown STL

Scene STL
St. Louis Business Alliance

St. Louis Post Dispatch
Other St. Louis Post Dispatch Twitter Accounts
St. Louis Post Dispatch's Weather Bird (believe it)

St. Louis Magazine
Fox 2 News
Riverfront Times

Special Events:
St. Louis area trivia nights
Citypulse_stl : They tweet about drink specials for a lot of St Louis bars/restaurants

Some Chain Restaurants:
Pei Wei

I gathered a lot of these through the STL Twitter Group on Ning, of which I am a member. (Thanks!)
Note: This post does not contain any St. Louis area people who tweet (who tweet often and well, to be specific). To find a good list of those, I actually use a "StLouis" tag search on WeFollow and get pretty good results. How do you find local Twitter users who would be useful for you to follow (aside from Follow Fridays and retweets you see from current connections...)?

I always appreciate when Web sites that I frequent often - whether personal blogs or company sites - have a call-out (an obvious blue bird in a bubble or a short feed of recent tweets) to call my attention to their Twitter account. That's probably the most common way that I grow my network of those I follow online. Sometimes it's enough for me to follow even if I've only visited the site once but I see a call-out -- I'm just interested in seeing what companies are doing (or attempting to do) with Twitter. Of course we all agree that having a Twitter account just to have one and not doing anything with it is the worst!