How to get Twitter posts to show up on Facebook fan pages, using Notes

A friend recently asked me a question about Facebook fan pages, and in the spirit of Chris Brogan and Julien Smith's "Trust Agents," which I am reading right now, I decided to make it into a post on my blog - share the knowledge.

I've managed a Facebook fan page for a while now and have tried out a lot of Twitter, blogging and RSS applications for fan pages.

From my friend:
Hi! So, I am having a ridiculous time trying to figure out how to properly sync up Twitter with a FB Fan page so that the tweets automatically update the status. Can you help me with this? Or point me in the right direction?


My response:

The best solution, from my experience, is to hook up your Twitter RSS feed into the fan page's "Notes" application (which is a native application to Facebook, not a 3rd party app).

I've tried TONS of 3rd party apps and no luck getting Twitter posts to update Facebook status reliably.

So here's an article to show you how to do it
You can see what it ends up looking like by visiting

If you have another, or better, solution for getting Twitter to update your fan page status, please leave a comment here. I would prefer to have an app handle it for me, but this is the simplest way I was able to achieve it.