Leveraging Web Analytics to Increase Conversions

I gave this presentation yesterday at the first ever Market St. Louis conference in downtown St. Louis, MO at Lumiere Hotel.

I was asked to make this a pretty basic introduction to using Google Analytics, and when I asked the attendees how many were already using analytics on their site, only 5 raised their hands. We had mostly small business owners and entrepreneurs in attendance, so I think the presentation fit them. However, even if you have already been using analytics for a while or use it regularly, you may still get some value out of reviewing this. What I did was outline my personal 4 best uses for analytics:
  1. Troubleshooting problems
  2. Tracking & Increasing Conversions
  3. Gaining Business Intelligence about your visitors
  4. Monitoring Performance
Big thanks to @MarketSTL (Will Hanke) for inviting me to speak. I enjoyed it!