How "Anyone Know" search on Twitter turns search marketing on its head

Last week, I spoke at Integrated Marketing Summit in downtown Saint Louis. I was on a social media marketing panel. One of the key take-aways from my presentation was the "Anyone Know" search concept for, explored and explained by search marketing pro Danny Sullivan many months ago. I shared Danny's ideas from his original post on SearchMarketingLand about it back in May. Here are the key points related to how searching "Anyone Know" and then your product or service can help you prospect leads or potential customers on Twitter. These are highlight clips I have taken from his article:

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people effectively “search” on Twitter within their actual tweets when they ask for help from their friends and followers. Sometimes they get answers. Sometimes they don’t. But they definitely ask for help — a lot. You can see this by searching for anyone know on Twitter:
Just as people “broadcast” their desires by doing searches on Google, so they are broadcasting their need for help on Twitter, if you search for the right terms to locate questions. “Anyone know” is just one example of that type of question-related term (can anyone tell me is another example).
One person wants “legit” pizza — offer them a coupon! Another person wants good pizza places in LA — send them a link to your store locator. Another wants a discount for good grades from a rival chain. Come up with something similar to entice them.
This type of outreach has to be done right. No one wants reply spam.
To me, the ability to reach out to an individual via search and answer their question is a revolutionary addition to the usual search marketing.Read more at