February Marketing Masters Luncheon from BMA St. Louis: Phil Clement, CMO, Aon

Phil Clement, Global CMO at Aon Corporation, will speak at the Business Marketing Association's February luncheon at Spazio's Westport on February 7th at 11:30am. I'll be there! I am a board member for the BMA St. Louis chapter, and I have thoroughly enjoyed every luncheon I have attended. The thought leadership is priceless, the networking is great, and the food is pretty good too. A great way to pass a lunch with other business marketing (B2B) professionals in St. Louis.

The topic: Engaging Employees, Customers & Prospects Globally

The New Year heralds a new challenge for B2B marketers... to become "content marketers". Our "product" is now content, and methods of packaging and distributing brand benefits is rapidly changing to include channels like blogs, songs, podcasts and even sporting event sponsorship... especially when trying to reach a diverse global market.

Aon Corporation made a big splash in 2009 when it announced it would replace AIG as the global sponsor of UK-based soccer (football) team Manchester United, the #1 brand in the #1 sport in the world, in the 2010-2011 season. The season began in June, and Aon Global CMO Phil Clement will give luncheon attendees the first glimpses of what Aon is doing to leverage its reported four-year, $132 million investment in this single global sponsorship platform to unite the firm into one global culture and maximize engagement with all audiences worldwide.
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February Marketing Masters Luncheon: Phil Clement, Global CMO, Aon Corporation