When Amazing Design is Not Enough

Bet you didn't think it was possible! Being a great designer often isn't enough, and the surge of functional mobile applications and social networks is making this reality all the more apparent.

I've spoken with plenty of marketing and web technology folks who place a high premium on the design of their application, website, or product's user interface. Good design is certainly important and can set your site or app apart. However, as I came across a great article in TechCrunch today, I was reminded once again just how much usability and function can take precedence over aesthetics. It provided several examples of apps killing their competition on usefulness and function even when the styling was inferior.

I wrote about it on Perficient's Spark blog, a blog for all things innovative and experience design related. Check out my post here:

When Amazing Design is Not Enough

Erin Moloney

St. Louis, MO, USA