One woman's perspective: Leaned In, Screwed Over

One woman's perspective: Leaned In, Screwed Over:

Very interesting perspective on what “leaning in" really resulted in for one woman. It reminds us that there are many variables at play here.

Seven years ago, I was 29 and desperate to avoid the label “stay-at-home mom” in case it stuck forever. But how much damage would I have done to my career, really, if I’d told my boss: I quit? Or: See you in mediation?

Looking back now, I wish I’d leaned out. Leaning in was a gesture of timidity. I was too scared of what I might lose, and ended up sacrificing the good situation my family already had. We could have found a way to get by.

So, my advice to the working mothers (and fathers) of America: Think carefully before leaning in. Remember that not every risk is worth taking. And make sure your boss puts everything in writing.

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