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Multi-platform Retail – Experiences replace the need for inventory

Multi-platform Retail – Experiences replace the need for inventory

Though Nordstrom started as brick & mortar, branched out heavily into digital and then now is exploring new models for their physical locations, the latter four brands were digital-only, eCommerce phenomenons that started by building a brand and a customer base online but have recently begun expanding into physical retail.

Facebook study lacks transparency

“Research with human subjects is generally governed by strict ethical standards, including the informed consent of the people who are studied. Facebook’s generic click-through agreement, which almost no one reads and which doesn’t mention this kind of experimentation, was the only form of consent cited in the paper. The subjects in the study still, to this day, have not been informed that they were in the study. If there had been federal funding, such a complacent notion of informed consent would probably have been considered a crime. Subjects would most likely have been screened so that those at special risk would be excluded or handled with extra care.”

- Jaron Lanier on Lack of Transparency in Facebook Study -

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