Facebook study lacks transparency

“Research with human subjects is generally governed by strict ethical standards, including the informed consent of the people who are studied. Facebook’s generic click-through agreement, which almost no one reads and which doesn’t mention this kind of experimentation, was the only form of consent cited in the paper. The subjects in the study still, to this day, have not been informed that they were in the study. If there had been federal funding, such a complacent notion of informed consent would probably have been considered a crime. Subjects would most likely have been screened so that those at special risk would be excluded or handled with extra care.”

- Jaron Lanier on Lack of Transparency in Facebook Study - NYTimes.com

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The numbers you need to know for Twitter's IPO

Twitter is about to go public, and there are a lot of reports suggesting many different valuations, made especially confusing recently when Twitter raised their previous price range for the stock.

In following Twitter's IPO news so that I can keep my MBA students updated on the progress and what it means in the world of social media, I've put together this graphic highlighting the key facts and figures I've read about this IPO. It will be interesting to see how it goes this week.

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Embrace Social Media to Enhance Your Networking Skills - Getting Started Guide

This afternoon, I am so excited to be presenting to KPMG Network of Women (KNOW) networking event in Saint Louis, MO! The title of the talk is "Embracing social media to enhance your networking skills and capabilities."

In addition to my presentation, I'll be providing a handout that includes my favorite quick tips for getting started on Twitter & LinkedIn, as well as some really helpful suggestions for networking on these channels.

I uploaded it to my SlideShare channel, and here is the guide for you to learn from, share and enjoy. I hope it helps for any woman just getting started in social media. The guide should appear below in this blog post. If you do not see it, click here.

If you attended the event, and you'd like to get in touch with me, my contact information is on the second page!

Let's Talk About Social Media Marketing in Saint Louis

Yesterday, I was invited to speak about social media marketing on 550 KTRS as part of the All About Business radio show. I enjoyed the segment, in which I was asked to comment on what it means to be a social media expert and explain the Social Media Club of Saint Louis. I think it went pretty well, but I will warn you that I have a case of laryngitis. ;) Here's the recording of the 11 minute portion of the show in which I was interviewed.